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The joystiq Story

Video games are at present a true market for the masses with millions of people around the globe playing different video games for their entertainment. From casual gamers to hardcore gaming fans, the video game industry is a booming sector of the economy and Joystiq covers all the latest happenings in this fun filled, lucrative market. Joystiq is a video gaming blog initially founded in June 2004 by Weblogs Inc. Since then, it has experienced many changes and more often than not they have been for the good which is why this blog is one of the leading blogs online and a trusted source for video games fans. It is now owned by online giants AOL who took over Weblogs Inc.

Over the years this blog has created spin-off projects or blogs designed solely to cover a particular gaming console. These blogs include Xbox 360 Fanboy, PSP Fanboy and Nintendo Wii Fanboy etc. These projects have only served to increase its popularity despite comments from skeptics with internet traffic on the Joystiq blog rising constantly throughout the year.

The joystiq logo

joystiq logo

Characterized by a sleek and fun looking logo which spells out the blog’s name in black with orange dots on top of the ‘i’ and ‘j’. At first glance, the logo looks simple and business like, however the font and the little splash of orange are enough to make it fit nicely into the video game scenario emphasizing the fact that it indeed belongs to the industry.

Indeed, if you think about it a classic big name video game with a name similar to that of the blog might have adopted a similar, classic funky design that is the embodiment of an action packed video game.

Its somewhat formal looking logo fits in well with the reputation of its owners AOL, whose giant shares in internet services and media require a logo which shows a sign of strength and solidarity while fitting in seamlessly with the message that it has to get across.

The Joystiq logo is a hallmark for online blog achievements:

joystiq podcast logo

Recognized by bloggers worldwide, Joystiq has made a name for itself in the blogging industry and has won the hearts of its viewers worldwide. It hosts a multitude of different events weekly and has podcasts on a regular basis, a sign representing the blog’s improving repertoire amongst gamers across the world.

tshirts of joystiq

The joystiq blog ranks consistently in the top 40 blogs on the internet which is a mean feat considering the amount of competition it receives from giant gaming blogs such as Gizmodo and Slashdot. Despite that, the blog was included in’s “Best of the Web”, a listing of outstanding weblogs on the internet. It is also regularly nominated for awards In the technology-related weblog category.

As a result the Joystiq blog has become a recognized symbol for global gamers and since it is owned by AOL it has received the advertisement and exposure that its predecessors did not receive prior to 2004. With the amount of competition in the videogame industry increasing everyday the logo still manages to standout amongst the industry’s top blogs and it has managed to hold firm and while it is uncertain what the future holds for Joystiq, it is very likely that if current trends persist the reputed logo will become one of the great symbols of the modern videogame industry.

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