Motivation – When you think it’s all over!

motivationSo you are probably sitting on a chair, thinking deep and hard about your life. You feel bored and even a lack of confidence to be really successful. Or is it that you’re just stuck with something and can’t find the courage to handle it? No matter what it is that you want to progress with, there is a solution for everything. Maybe you are a designer, developer, writer or just another common person. Who you are doesn’t matter much, what matters most is your belief. Your belief that yes, you can do it! You can make it happen! As Napoleon Hill said, “You can do it, if you believe you can”.

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Determination and passion; these are not merely words. They have a lot of meaning within them. Ever heard of The Law of Attraction? The secret behind attracting what you really want includes understanding a few key things:

1)      How you think is what you talk.

2)      What you talk is how you feel.

3)      How you feel is what you do.

4)      What you do is what you get.

Bottom-line? How you think is what you get!

That sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is. All you need to do is practice, practice and practice until you become totally positive about anything you do. Negativity kills the potential within you. Looking at the dark side or thinking critically at times is alright to broaden your view. Are you confused about how to keep balance? How to actually be positive? How to move forward with your life? Whether it be earning more money, flourishing life partnerships or becoming more famous. Believe me, it’s all within you. It is you who asks for it and the world will respond. Understanding the power you have is important, the power that can change the world. Every one of us is special, so are you!

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Don’t think about what you DON’T want but rather think about what you REALLY want. No one is perfect, in fact, take this for example: I am also worried about what am I really writing? Is it going to be worth it for you? Is the flow of writing correct? Many more questions are popping up while I am writing this article for you. But you know, my intention is to help you out. Help you to become better. With that intention and positive mindset, I know it’s going to be right.

So where to start? That’s something no one can tell you besides yourself. Talk with yourself and believe that whatever the situation is, whatever it is, you can solve it out. There is always a first time! Yes, it’s never too late!

Try to be more active, livelier and NEVER ever be lazy. Smile often, carry a positive vibe and you’re good to go far. It can be very hard to stay HAPPY, when you feel lost. That’s where you have to make an effort. When you feel worse, smile most, and get involved in something. Don’t worry about the returns, get started! Be with a positive group of people and it will make a difference.

You’re not convinced? That’s only because you know somewhere deep down within you, that you can’t do it. Delete that feeling. You actually can do anything; it’s just a matter of time and effort! J Still just can’t? Don’t worry; you can still do a great job. How? Glad, you asked. It’s simple, fake it until you make it. Are you afraid of public speaking? No problem, just fake it. Pretend that you’re the best public speaker in town. Pretend as you’re the best in anything you want to do. Keep faking and soon enough you’ll make it. It’ll become second nature to you.


1)      Take a step forward, believe in yourself.

2)      Smile often.

3)      Don’t be lazy, be active and lively.

4)      Think positively, think big.

5)      Don’t lose hope.

6)      Be motivated.

7)      Show positive behavior, can-do attitude!

8)      You can make a difference!

9)      If your self-esteem is affected, start progressing by faking it until you make it!

10)   After every fear lies the greatest opportunity.

Enjoy your life and be grateful to who you really are; a truly irreplaceable and fantastic personality! J

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