Does a Logo Design Need to` Tell What a Company Does?


Does your face speak about your nature? No, it doesn’t. Logo is the face of a company then why should it portray what a company does. Apple doesn’t sell apples, ‘Windows’ is not a window shop, and Virgin Atlantic logo doesn’t tell it’s an airplane. Here is the point when company and designer think ‘differently’ and create something which no one would think of. Companies constraint themselves from using logo that doesn’t depict the product or service they provide. Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean it’s enough or you can’t do better. As we can see the biggest brands in the world has opted for text logo rather than going for graphical metaphor. It applies especially when talking about giant or luxury brands. Either be desperate for attention, or demand it.


A logo is something through people can associate with your brand, an identifying mark. It’s an element of saying ‘Remember me’ rather than ‘I sell car’ or ‘I sell book’. However, it is not likely to take such risk knowing you do not have advertising budget size of Apple’s, or you are not world’s best golfer. The companies big enough can only think of doing creative as they will have support of their size to become dominant.

At times, it depends on the target market and the business. Some are literal with their logo and it works for them such as ‘We Buy Any’ logo shows what it does. Limiting references in logo is unfair to the creative field. All you have to do is use creative trick and you have a logo that would not try to cram in numerous references. Logotypes and word marks are simple and great, but a subtle hint of the business will make it better. If Hint is kept hidden cleverly in the typography, even better. A great feeling comes within when you read a logo and you figure out the hidden metaphor. It attaches a positive association with a spark of ‘smile in the mind’.

Noticeable fact is that logos which are not depicting what companies do, evoke the feel of the product. The Nike logo is fast, dynamic and cool so does its products. But, the logo they have could have been anything after pouring 35 years of establishment by zillion dollars. In other way around, we can assume that giants take initiative to be creative so other can follow their league and opt for something different likewise.

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