50+ Twitter Tools to Massively Increase your Twitter Power

Unleash Twitter Power

Twitter needs no introduction, it is an amazing social networking tool. Here are 50+ hand picked twitter tools that will definitely bring a lot of twitter traffic and authority. Literally hundreds of twitter tools are discontinued after Aug 31,2010 due to change in Twitter OAuth application support and some more in 2011. We included pictures for every tool but due to slow page load, we’ve removed images for most of these tools. Rest assured, all twitter applications are working and provides great value. While research, we’ve seen many twitter apps post but hopefully you will love this one. Keeping the explanations short to save you reading time and let you use these twitter tools.


See the hot and trending topics on twitter.


Check who follows you and who doesn’t – Use it to your advantage.


Scheduling tweets for a future date.


Sending messages in private to specific group of your twitter friends.

Just Tweet It

A twitter directory for finding tweeters by genre.

Twitter Search

Realtime twitter search, check out what the world is doing right now.


Have more than one twitter account? Splitweet is a perfect solution for managing a number of twitter accounts.


Keep track on the web of thoughts for any given topic. See what’s going on twitter for a particular topic.


Just like Google Alerts, but for twitter.


It uses your twitter stream to display in a tree style, so you can see the posts people are writing in context. It also shares YouTube videos, Twitpic photos and more external links in your stream. So you don’t have to go anywhere else.


Follow anyone without letting them know, follow anonymously with Tweetstalk.


Realtime twitter art for urgent creativity. If you want to know about people’s feeling, wishes, beliefs, thinking and more. This is perfect for you.


Number of good Follow me buttons; choose whichever suits your style and theme.


The twitter application directory, perfect for keeping in touch with new twitter apps, updates and more.


Search twitter based on authority of twitter accounts, using a specific criteria to evaluate the authority of twitter account.


Login with twitter and start sharing your photos with twitter friends. Easy!


Who’s tweeting what – Live tweets from all over the world.

Twitter Grader

Ever wondered about your twitter profile power? Twitter grader is a good tool to know your authority and percentage of twitter power you have.


Tweeting your Google Calender.


How popular are you? Check TwitterCounter


Sending a message to an email address and TwitterMail will tweet it for you. 17283 people sent 781554 messages to Twitter!

Twitter Groups

Finding people who shares what you share!


A Twitter Dictionary – Understand the Twitter geeky language easily.


Have your twitter @mentions sent to your email. A Twitter notifications tool.


Create a poll and have twitter contacts help you with their feedback.


Just another tool for scheduling tweets at a future date.


Tweets display widget, just paste the code wherever you want your visitors to see the widget.

Convo Monitor

It is about tracking things, brands, ideas and people. CM Dashboard will help you manage all kinds of twitter tracking.

My Tweet Space

Free twitter backgrounds for creating a better twitter profile presentation.


SocialToo is your companion to the Social web! SocialToo helps you manage Twitter and unclutters your stream.

Tweet Grid

A twitter search dashboard that updates in real-time.


Check out hot topics on twitter right now. Tweetmeme is a a popular service.


Twitter Search Engine and Directory.


A web app which sends regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product service… based on your keywords.

Nearby Tweets

The name explains it all, Nearby Tweets.


Create your own free twitter background.

Twitter SPY

Twitter Spy, an Innovative display of twitter public timeline.


Selling ads on your tweets.


Just another site for downloading custom twitter backgrounds.


The world isn’t fair, are you following someone who doesn’t follow you back? Find it out here and manage twitter following.


Interested in some specific topic? Type your keyword and see relevant list of possible followers.


Excellent tool for getting relevant friends suggestion with detailed statistics.


It helps you to discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle.


Get all twitter notifications to a custom email you provide, instead Twitter bombarding your person inbox with tons of messages, on every follow and such.


Get your twitter account statistics and know who’s performing best on twitter.


How much do we tweet? Check out Follow Cost for quick stats, you just need to mention usernames.


When anyone leaves you on Twitter, you get a message. Very nice tool for understanding what’s going around.


Check out which friends have not tweeted since long. Get in touch and make them active!

Social WhoIs

Follow people by interests and personal relevancy instead of popularity. Good one.

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