22 Best SEO Firefox Plugins

Firefox is a well known internet browser. We all definitely love it. It is also a favorite tool of designers, webmasters and specially search engine optimizers.

Following are the hand picked SEO plugins for Firefox that are widely used and loved by professional SEO’s worldwide. With that said, not everyone uses all these tools. But these are the best SEO tools as Firefox plugins, addons and extensions.

Top SEO firefox Plugins

If you can learn to use some of them efficiently, it should really work well for you.

 SEO Firefox Plugins

1) SearchStatus

– Quickest way to visualize different ranking systems in status bar (PageRank, mozRank, Alexa.com and Compete.com)
– Very useful for internal website analysis from robots.txt evaluation to link information and whois details.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


2) Web Developer Toolbar

-A plugin for developers but equally useful to SEO.
-It can perform enabling/disabling to cookies, javascripts, CSS and images. Very handy.
-Code inspection of WDT is extremely easy and a must for all SEO experts.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


3) User-Agent Switcher

-An addon for Web Developer Toolbar
-Makes you surf as you are a GoogleBot and other search engine spiders or crawlers.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


4) Firebug

– Allows for real-time changes and on page inspection deeply.
– Best way to quickly inspect any element visually and study it thoroughly.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


5) YSlow

– An addon for Firebug
– Evaluate your sites performance as per Yahoo Site Performance rules.
– Yahoo uses 23 different parameters to judge the site and suggest tips.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


6) Live HTTP Headers

– Checking HTTP information
– Redirects and 404 are common items to lookup.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


7) Word Count Plus

– Very useful for on page SEO experts.
– Just highlight the text you want to be in the clipboard
– No need to do Ctrl + C. This does the job for you.
– Firefox 5.0 NOT Compatible


8) SEO Quake

– Provides loads of SEO information.
– On site analysis tools and link information tools are the best
– With creative thinking, it’s a best link building tool.
– A must have SEO plugin, even if you have SearchStatus
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


9) HTML Validator

– Clears up bad html coding and converts it to valid code.
– A good way to lookup errors and browse through code for more SEO inspections.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


10) Show IP Firefox Extension

– Shows IP of websites in status bar
– Good way to check C-block IP
– To check, if some websites are hosted on the same IP
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


11) X-Ray

– HTML tags super imposed on the website
– Quick way to check lots of relevant information
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


12) No-Script

– Turns your Javascript off.
– Handle Javascript settings for site-site basis
– Check sites without Javascript, as Google and other search engine does.
– Web Developer Toolbar offers this Javascript turnoff features but its added in list for handling some more headaches.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


13) Customize Google

– Adding custom search engine links to top of Google SERPS
– Quick access, the reason why it makes to this list.
– Firefox 5.0 NOT Compatible


14) Screen Grab

– Many reasons, one solution for all your screenshots
– Works below the fold
– Useful in client reporting or highlighting SEO design-wise.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible

15) Firefox Profiles

– Indirectly helpful in managing SEO
– Making profiles can allow you to run different firefox with different names.
– Each copy of firefox will run with its own settings, plugins and preferences.
– This allows you to focus on specific SEO tasks and make firefox profiles for on page SEO, off page SEO and so on.
– Its a way to handle Firefox, not a plugin precisely.


16) Google Global Firefox Extention

– Searching Google from different countries will bring different results due to different data centers.
– Google Global solves this problem smartly.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


17) RankQuest SEO Toolbar

– 30+ SEO Tools within this plugin
– Great plugin for managing simple SEO tasks.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


18) SEOpen.

– Just another good SEO plugin for firefox can perform these SEO actions.
– Firefox 5.0 NOT Compatible

  • Yahoo Backlinks
  • Pages in Yahoo Index
  • Google Backlinks
  • Google Cache
  • Pages in Google index
  • Google Translate to English
  • Google Related
  • PageRank Check
  • MSN Backlinks
  • Pages in MSN Index
  • Alexa Overview
  • Alexa Traffic
  • Alexa Related
  • Alexa Backlinks
  • “Mass Check” multiple sources at once
  • Check DMOZ Inclusion
  • Keyword Density
  • Page Size Checker
  • HTML Validator
  • Server Header Viewer
  • Wayback Machine
  • Check robots.txt
  • Whois Info


19) Googlebar Lite

– Unofficial Google bar Lite
– Useful for having quick access to specialized searches.
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


20) Rank Checker

– Keyword ranking checker
– Old, simple but Aaron Wall’s tool
– Firefox 5.0 Compatible


21) LinkDiagnosis

– Good backlinks checker
– Nice design
– Service available for FREE online, yet to be FF 5.0 Compatible,


22) Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool

– It can naked a web page, see through as a search engine bot.
– Firefox 5.0 NOT Compatible


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