What makes Seth Godin a best selling author?

An author is like an artist. He or she invents a world in which he imagines other human beings share. This world is the commonality that links the author with his or her readership. To make readers acquire a cultic following requires one to be gifted with innate abilities to draw masses. This is a gift that one nurtures in the outside world or a talent that an author nurtures.

An author derives this nurture and nature from an environment in which he interacts with immense experiences that ultimately shape his thinking. This thinking is what culminates on a page. What then makes certain authors greater than others? What primarily does Seth Godin express on a page that sustains his almost cultic following?

The idea

The notion of idea is best illustrated with Life and times of Tim, a Home Box Office animated series comedy in which a character joked about helping his friend in the form of giving him an idea of money as opposed to the tangible currency. Although comical in its own sense, this illustration demonstrates that people’s emotions are driven by ideas. They are invoked and inspired by these motivating ideas.

Seth Godin is a best selling author because the ideas he shares with his audience augur well with the compact majority. They are elements that can stir masses. Godin subject matter includes:

  • The way ideas spread
  • Post-industrial revolution
  • Leadership
  • Marketing, quitting
  • Changing everything

A quick glance at these elements reveals one thing, human emotion. At least everyone who shares the craze of the information age needs to know how ideas spread. Additionally, in modern age where everyone is striving to share in the American dream in which small ideas grow into bigger ideas is hungry to understand the post industrial revolution. Godin’s ability to engage his audience with moving stories is what makes him a best selling author.


Although Godin has managed to engage his audience with the best ideas in his books, his success does not solely come as a result of his idealistic mind. It also stems from his immense marketing skills. Godin is an individual who can sale craft service to Donald trump and his league of elites not necessarily because of his renowned name but on the contrary, because of an innate skill to sell.

The planet has people who have great solutions to humanities problems. However, these great ideas will never see light of day. This might not be as a result of any human incapacitation. On the contrary, it is simply an attribute of most individuals’ inability to sell. What sets Godin apart from  other unsuccessful authors is his ability to invoke social networks, the media, the internet and word of mouth to let the world know what he has.


50 cent, a multiplatinum selling artist, starred in a movie titled Get Rich or Die Trying. Seth Godin “Get rich or die trying attitude” is what makes him a best selling author. Godin has initiated several projects with a significant majority of such projects often failing. However, Godin never gives up. He rises up like a phoenix defying death. Perhaps, your success is just one more phoenix away. Rise up from your last ashes!

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