How to Design a Good Logo with Logo Designing Tips

The logo design element of branding a business can make or break it. Without suitable consideration and lack of care and attention with this critical aspect of marketing your business may well be on the highway to nowhere. For this reason it is vital that you ensure that you have designed a good logo and for this you should consider three basic points:

These important points illustrate the value of good logo designs:

1. You would need to understand what your company’s mission statement would be – what its vision is for existing.

2. You would need to boost employee self-esteem by believing they are selling a good product.

3. It would also be necessary to understand what your potential clients will be looking for out of your business.

To illustrate these points we could consider two well known brand names, Apple and Nike:

Most people would be able to tell you what the design logo for Apple which would indicate immediately that the designer has succeeded in his job – that is, raising the consumer’s awareness of the company’s presence.

Apple was developed in order to be a brand new organization with new types of electrical products which were novel and unusual. By using the logo design of an apple they were able to get across immediately the concepts of ‘young’ and ‘vibrant’ simply by the use of the color bright green. The distinctiveness of the products was demonstrated by the clean lines of the circle of the apple, simple but fresh and new. The strength of this logo is so great that in actual fact both the vision of the company and the consumer’s awareness are both strongly identified. The effect of this strong identification helped the employees, giving them a strong identification with something that was valuable and desired by the public and they were therefore proud to work for this organization because it became established very quickly within the industry and to work for Apple is now could be seen as an elitist position to be in!

Likewise, with Nike, the good logo was developed of the black tick. Immediately, in the psychology of the human psyche we have the black tick – black represents a strong ‘color’ (not really a color) indicating strength and virility and the tick of approval or success. This is later backed up with the idea of the Greek goddess of victory whose wings were symbolized by the tick. Nike’s mission statement is:

‘To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world’.

The black tick tells people that their products are the best they can be to help inspire athletes to be the best that they can be also. Consumer awareness is very high and not just limited to the market that you think it would be, for example, sports people. This is because the illusion is that by using Nike products you can aspire to achieve as the great gods of sport do thereby increasing potential customers to all young people and teenagers. Again, with such strong logo designing you achieve both the fulfillment of the mission statement and the external perception of the general public being drawn together. As a result of this, as with Apple, you will find employees of the Nike brand will also be pleased to work for the company. However, you are more likely to get young adults wishing to work for them because fitness is the key.

So, as you can see, the three core logo designing tips and values are important to consider in order to achieve a good logo design which will succeed in providing you with the customers.

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