Logo Designing Techniques for Making a Famous Logo Design

Logo designing techniques consume a significant time of a graphic designers time. Some logo designing techniques as well as advanced effects of improving designs accrue the benefit of adding plenty of depth to logo designs. However, when graphic designers employ these design techniques in the wrong place they have the tendency of distracting viewers from the intended focus of the logo.

Although advanced logo design techniques are critical for a successful logo, they should be combined with simple design techniques. There are numerous techniques that a graphic designer can rely on as a guide in producing spectacular designs.

Adding contrast

One way a designer can make his logo design famous is by adding contrast to his or her design. Although a simple aspect in logo design, most graphic designers overlook this technique. A graphic designer can achieve this in a logo by using thin lines with high contrast ultimately making it easy to the viewer to distinguish between different aspects of the logo. In the event a designer doubts whether he or she needs to add contrast to a logo he should conceptualize the concept as a makeup application session. The idea that the graphic designer is striving to achieve is to make his intended audience to get to say, “hey, here is some contrast!”The designer is always striving towards drawing the audiences attention to significant aspects of the corporation highlighted through features in the logo.


Technological advancement has come with the advantage of tools that enable the designer to create gradients. However, in relation to gradients, successful and famous logos need to achieve subtlety as well as moderation. Elements that need to be subtle include:

  • Backgrounds
  • Headlines
  • Buttons

A designer can also implement various gradients as enumerated below.

  • Linear, horizontal
  • Faint diagonal
  • Light vertical
  • Bright linear
  • Vertical


The use of colour in designing successful and famous logos is a quite challenging task for graphic designers. Designers are split between inventing a perfect palette and knowing the correct position for inserting each tone. Ultimately, most designers dwell on colouring the logo design.  When colour is used intelligently and sparingly, the logo attracts the attention to its most central items.

Spacing of letters

Letter spacing is also critical for designers who intend to create famous logos. This process which also referred to as kerning makes significant impact especially in logos that involve text. Kerning primarily emphasizes on the distance between a pair of letters.  Logos that space their letters well make the statements proclaimed in the symbol more concise and powerful. All in all,  designers should make sure that the letters are;

  • Not too far a part
  • Not too close together.

A designer who has not had the experience of spacing logo letters should start by tinkering with spacing in his or her designs prior to producing the final piece. This process is likely to make him or her realize what a difference such a process makes. The best fonts first time designers should start to practice include

  • Myriad pro for designers working with images and
  • Trebuchet MS for designers working with HTML text.

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