How a Professional Logo Design can help Businesses

One of the main problems in starting out in business is the importance of getting hold of customers. It may sound obvious but you are invisible to them until you get out there and make yourself known. After the business plan you will need to put together a marketing strategy which inevitably will include the logo design for your business. Some entrepreneurs do not take consideration of this vital marketing strategy and to their peril find months down the road that their competitors are taking all the potential business out there. What we need to do is to examine why the logo design can help the business.

The human mind is very basic in lots of ways and sub-consciously we learn things very quickly by the use of imagery. The color red is the first colour learned by babies because that is the color of danger and they will have probably learned by experience that this is to be respected.

Likewise, the professional logo design will be able to demonstrate to a potential customer within 3 seconds all they need to know about your company. To use logos that have been self built or built cheaply will not realize this and as a result will find themselves with a symbol with little or no effect.

The logo will drive customers to your company and your website, making the customer more likely to respond to the call to action by emailing or asking for further information. By raising awareness of the company to the customers the business that has used the logo is already ahead of the game from the business that decided not to use a logo.

Once the customers have been attracted initially they will no doubt receive literature or a sales call from the business followed up with logo stamped information about the company. This will further reinforce the imagery in the customer’s psyche increasing the possibility of a driving up of sales and profit margin increase.

The logo design will have been thought through very carefully by the graphic designer to build in characteristics of your business’s profile, creating the illusion of good quality by the use of fonts, images, or colors or a combination of all three. The logo design will be seen as a totally unique logo though occasionally there may be some similarities in certain professions – for example dentist’s logos. They can increase their sales over other dentists by changing the colour of the logo to brown creating an illusion of having been a very established practice as opposed to say, green, which might have been chosen to give the impression that they are a brand new dentist.

This initial impression has a long lasting effect and you will often find that your very first customers were so impressed by the service, quality and professionalism of your business (though more the logo maybe than the real service that you gave them) that they are falling over themselves to pass on the good news to their friends and your customer intake will be trebled in no time.

Reflecting back on the two businesses one that worked with the logo from the beginning and the one that didn’t the chances as you can see are much greater with the business that went for the logo. I would say one thing though make sure it is a professional one that you pay for.

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