Starbucks Logo Review


On the 40th anniversary, Starbucks unveiled a new logo with the same siren. The new logo reflects the company’s focus on development and its focus on the future. This is the fourth Starbucks logo, evolved since 1971. The idea of new sign is not initiated only by Starbucks Company. We may recall that a similar step was taken in the redesign of the Nike logo and Apple. In addition, the background color was changed to white. In the forty years of its history, the company has managed to increase the offer and take it beyond the coffee market. So now in Starbucks stores, one can order branded tea, ice cream and other food items as well. In addition, the brand managed to expand the range of services offered like digital entertainment network, service order payment by mobile phone, etc.

Logo designer reviews tend to focus that management of Star Bucks explains that over the last 40 years the image of the siren has been an integral part of the logo. For now they have made small but significant changes to bring to their audience with an idea that the brand continues to evolve, but it has preserved its heritage and commitment to core values. They had various logo examples out of which they decided to choose this one. In addition, they wanted to show their customers their commitment to the further development. The decision to update the brand identity was made due to the fact that, at the moment Starbucks is the largest network of coffee shops in the international market. The brand is recognizable around the world, thus missing the need to explain to the consumer who owns the logo without a signature, because the people are well aware of that brand.


There was an ample amount of discussion made over how to revamp the logo without ignoring the heritage. Designers decided to “liberate” the siren of the ring, which symbolizes the company’s desire to grow and build momentum in the market. Star Bucks intend to do it not only in coffee, but also in other related markets, such as in food industry.


To explore a new logo, the mark of the logo ideas ware broken down to four main parts- shape, color, typeface and most importantly the Siren. After hundreds of discoveries, the answer found was simplicity. Bringing the green, removing the words, and taking the siren out of the ring were major changes made. After representing coffee for forty years, she is the star. Now the details came into account of designers, where designer realized that 20 years old logo showed points everywhere. Compositions were improved in a sense that sophistication was brought through smoother line flow and spacing. To bring the focus to her face, The Siren- Logo maker reviews in subtle way by refining facial expressions, smoothing hair and weighting the scales. The logo revolved around her because she means something different to everyone. She has been associated with the company during past and will keep on doing it in future.


Celebration of the Siren boldly was the end result. It is more energetic and expressive as compared to all previous ones, but the color is kept the same to be well recognized by customers around the world.

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