What makes a logo “The Best Logo of the Year”

Spectacular logos share one thing in common; they stick in the viewers mind. Logos are made into icons because of a designers discipline to stick to the rules of logo design. Generally, these rules are not out of the norm. On the contrary they are simple facts that draw from ordinary designs. However, few designers often adhere to them ultimately failing to derive designs that can qualify for a place among the top-most. Designers wishing to make memorable logos that can be acknowledged through rewards ought to ensure that these designs attain the following attributes:

  • Logo concept
  • Typography
  • The use colour

Case or typography

The element of case or typography in logos primarily implies the use of lower or uppercase letters in the logo design. A graphic designer only needs to press the Shift or Caps Lock key on his or her key board to choose appropriate lettering. However, few designers take advantage of this technique. Some logos for instance msnbc’s logo employ an all lowercase letter system. However, beyond the all lower case logo the company’s website employs the use of case in other areas. On msnbc’s website, one usually finds a large message bar displayed at the top of the webpage portraying messages such as “breaking” news or “watch live” in the uppers case. This strategy is especially rewarding on two fronts:

  • Such displays often point to some important news. As such, the strategy is fruitful in attracting the attention of the viewer.
  • Secondly, the use of upper case letters makes it possible for msnbc to make its relatively small buttons clear enough and thus legible.


Memorable logos also employ anti-aliasing. Although this process is relatively complicated, anti-aliasing generally involves smoothing out of a logo’s edges. This is done through the application of all design aspects. In design anti-aliasing is generally arrived in two ways. For websites, the designer bases the technique on whether the text will be shown as an image or will be displayed in html. Staying on websites, it is important to note that some web browsing programs as well as operating systems smooth HTML text automatically and as such, the designer is not required to do it manually. However, in general, HTML text has no anti-aliasing.

Messing things up

Human beings generally regard themselves as flawed individuals with no sense of perfection, or at least a significant majority of human beings. Subsequently, logos that show a relatively high amount of perfection come across as fake. Viewers perceive such logos to be uninteresting. As such, a good logo should corrupt its organization to achieve the element of realism. Here are some basic ideas.

  • A logo displaying leaves on a plant should not present a symmetrical display of the leaves
  • Any type of lighting should present uneven shadows and/or highlights
  • Additionally, camera lenses  should often blur some areas of the shot producing flares

Although most designs need to messier to attract the audience’s attention, other designs win the audience’s attention when they are clean with artificial looking images.

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