Is Your Logo Design Original?


The best piece of advice one can get in logo design is to “never waste a stroke”. With more and more entrepreneurs entering in the market, demand of logos have immensely Increased. Increasing in demand of unique logo design brings out pressure on the designer of not compromising on logo originality. We have clutters of logos present in the market that has made difficult for companies to differentiate and create something new. In spite of having copyrights of logos, companies are having concerns regarding their logos being ripped off. To avoid such situations, companies either opt for simplicity or transformation of logos time to time.

Think “Out Of the Box”
Every company or client wants an original logo. As a designer, we seek the answers to amount of originality possible having huge amount of logos already existing. We are exposed to same kind of forms, shapes, and patterns. Ideas from time to time are likely to look similar to one another as thousands of designers are working on similar projects. In order to continue to stand out is a river of sameness; designers have to think “Out Of the Box”.

To Blame or Not To Blame!
Who to blame when your logo is ripped off? Is there even need of blaming anyone? We should keep in mind that originality of logo is not always linked with logo design theft. Unintentionally, whatever a designer make tends to have similarity to some logo. Let’s say, if you sketch a blue circle, it looks like Blaupunkt logo. Illustrating a yellow line would rip off visa and black swoosh takes away originality because of Nike. Less detail in the logo reduce the chances that someone has already created it. Clients and designers in collaboration usually come up with the idea of going for keeping it simple rather than over-complicated designs. Such solutions do not let blaming argument leads toward any negative circumstances.

“Everything Has Already Been Done”
The possibility of remembering thousand of logos is unreal. Blaming designers in terms of originality is not the solution. Client needs to be involved in logo designing process so that originality concerns can be eliminated in the initial step. Besides that, designer at every step tell himself that someone has already created it. “Everything Has Already Been Done” is the statement needs to be positioned in the designer’s mind so they would thrive to look for something new.

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