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Jacob Cass was born in Queensland Australia in 1987. At the age of three he moved to Sydney Australia. By the time he reached the age of twelve he was getting involved with putting together his own website on the internet. At the age of fifteen he began studying design at high school. He got his first freelance job designing a website. When he was sixteen he studied Design and IT receiving his Higher School Certificate. He also redesigned his high school’s website  this year.

History of Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass Designer

In 2006 he moved to Gothenburg in Sweden for a year, returning and moving to Newcastle and undertaking a course at Newcastle University. He won several Youth Design awards. In 2009 he started the Logo designer Blog. He was featured on the front cover of Layers Magazine and had his work featured in numerous design books and magazines. He was offered a job in New York after he graduated university with an honours degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design Major) with a Dean’s recommendation for Honours. In 2010 he moved from Australia to New York in America to work for the design studio Carrot Creative where he worked for 6 months. Whilst at Carrot he worked with brands like Disney, Nike, Red Bull, coach to name but a few.  Whilst this was a full time job he still managed to do freelance design on the side during this time.  After Carrot he moved on to work at the Wonder Factory an interactive design studio based in Chelsea, New York for another few months. Then he moved on to work for Alexander Interactive for four months and then onto Open Sky for four months and he is currently working at Ammirati as an interactive designer  where he has clients such as Omega Watches, Streetfighter  (Capcorn) and Jerry Seinfeld.  Cass lectured at various universities and colleges across New York. His work continued to be selected for more magazines and books whilst he was freelancing at New York design agencies.

He is the founder of Just Creative Design which shows his personal portfolio of outstanding work and a blog. As a self employed man Cass specializes in the field of corporate identity design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of his time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, packaging and more. It is based in New York City though it was founded in Sydney Australia. Jacob Cass has worked freelance with many different clients throughout North America such as Scott Barnes, Go Innovative, Mindful Construct and Oke Jamaican Rum; in South America with clients such as Esperamos and Beolchi Rangel; in Europe with such clients such as Computer Arts Magazine, DKC Global, Sign Learning; in Oceana with clients such as Sikh Youth Australia, Opus Magazine, and in Asia with clients such as Eton Financial.

Jacob Cass is certainly a name to be reckoned with and a name to watch amongst the new generation of graphics designers.

Want to become like him? You can read more about Jacob Cass.

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