What it takes to be Jacob Cass? | A Creative Logo Designer

Staring at you on JustCreativeDesign.com, is a figure lying on the table with hands crossed wearing a smile that would pass for a grin. Jacob Cass journey to being recognized as one of the house-hold names in freelance graphic design is eventful. The story of what the industry regards as a guru is quite fascinating filled with moments of risk and what one would call big-picture thinking.

In assessing what it takes to be Jacob Cross one has to be familiar with the man’s biography. Amidst these eventful journey which is rather short is the magic of the talent that describes Jacob Cass. Cass’s talent spreads across a multivariate field including web design, corporate identity logo design branding as well as print design. He spends a significant amount of his time designing as well as implementing promotions in marketing for websites as well as businesses.

The aspects embraced in these promotions include letterheads, packaging as well as business card branding and marketing. So what does it take to be Jacob Cass? What specifically does one need to do to become Jacob Cass? Simply put, the personage of Jacob Cass is an amalgamation of multiple personalities.


Most people contend that talent needs direction and shaping. If you take sports for instance, although it is a field that pays athletes some of the most prestigious pay slips, compared to education, people who have gone to school earn a combined income that is miles away from what athletes earn. The key word in this statement is combined. Although indirect, this understates the central place that education takes. Perhaps it explains the reason why Cass has multiple educational qualifications ranging from a bachelors degree in visual communication from Australia’s University of New Castle with a broad subject cluster that introduced him to the field. Education introduces a designer to a history of the field. It feeds him with the core values of the field and initiates his or her interest to the various segments of the field.  This introduction is critical.

Recognition and Awards

Humanity is a species that widely embraces fame. As such, people like to be associated with achievement. This phenomenon is perhaps motivated by the thought that if one identifies with a famous individual he or she also shares in this fame. Jacob Cass has been recognized for his outstanding achievement in graphic design whereby he has received various awards to honor his work.

These awards include the 2009 World Logo Design Award, the commendation for Graphics Magazine Design as well as the 2008 June Logo of the Month among others. These awards and commendations elevate Jacob Cass image to impeccable antecedents that is unrivaled. To be a successful graphic designer especially specializing in logo designee, a designer must strive towards rising himself to a pedestal and separating himself from the norm of the field. He or she must identify himself as a unique talent that stands out in a crowded pool.


Another element making Jacob Cass stand out from the crowd is his numerous publications. People in general are seekers of knowledge.  This knowledge is engraved in the written word. Although design is dominantly a mouse and pencil art, it stems from ideas expressed in writing. These ideas express experiences that embellish talent.

However, these are not the only elements that make Jacob Cass. His growth is attributed to other factors including travel, blogging and technology, his various judging roles, exhibitions, speaking engagements, interviews as well as interaction on social media sites.

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