Things you can learn from David Airey, a Logo Design Expert

David Airey

There is only one word that can describe David Airey, icon. Based in Ireland Airey has managed to win over the hearts of renowned world brands including the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines, the Canadian Yellow Pages, Giacom in England as well as the Japanese Berthier Associates. Airey’s relationship with these world class brands points to his immense talent which perhaps alludes to the rich experience from which budding designers can gain from the logo design expert.

More about the client, less about the designer

The reason why most designers fair unfavorably in given tasks is their inability to differentiate between personal tastes and client tastes.  The ability to creatively invent designs is a significant element required by a graphic designer. However, a person’s talent is not what wins clients. On the contrary, it is the designer’s ability to link the thoughts in his or her head with client tastes. Successful designers make assigned tasks about clients. They trivialize their place in won bids and embrace client needs on a pronounced level.

They slice themselves a relatively small pie and assign the rest of the circle to the client. The typologies, color schemes as well as figures are all chosen according to client tastes as opposed to the designer’s. The designer only inserts himself in the process as one meant to guide these elements to work in harmony. He or she processes various aspects of the design to ensure that they produce the highest effect on the audience. The designer as such, is more of a captain of a vessel who does not choose the content of his or her ship. This is what makes Airey a house-hold name.


As a designer, Airey has received numerous positive testimonials that appraise his portfolio as a designer. David Sadigh, for instance observes that his company is immensely impressed by Airey’s ability to literally embrace what is on their mind in his work. Airey’s ability to connect with client’s desires ultimately delivering corporate identities that perfectly signify company missions and visions is unrivaled.A designer wishing to rise to Airey’s ranks must be willing to convey client needs in an elegant as well as stylish modern way. This is critical because most corporate firms strive towards sustaining their organizations international development.


Designers striving to achieve international recognition need to brand themselves through publications. Through publishing a book, a designer presents himself as a knowledgeable figure with the ability to share knowledge. Airey has branded himself through his text titled Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities. In this text, Airey shares numerous aspects that are significantly crucial for success in graphic design.


In the modern age where technology has taken almost every industry by storm, blogging and interactive internet sites are regarded as must-haves especially for freelancers. This is the case owing to the fact that most potential clients consider the number of hits ones website or blog is able to attract. Employers use this phenomenon to judge a potential provider’s talent. They (employers) presume that only talented individuals are able to attract traffic to their site.

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