Logo Design Tips – Making a beautiful, meaningful and memorable logo

When looking for logo design tips there are various aspects involved in making beautiful, meaningful and memorable logos. These include the element of uniqueness as well as professionalism, elegance, innovation and luxury. Designers strive to achieve these aspects in logo’s because they make the logo meaningful to most audiences. The question that arises relates to how a designer can achieve the above elements in logos. The process starts with research.


When browsing for logo design tips on most websites you are likely to come across a variety of suggestions. However, most logo design tips online fail to mention that the onset of logo design begins with research. But why should one carry out research? There are several reasons.

Knowing competitors

When designing a logo one should start by researching competitors. In business, for instance it is all about beating your competitor. One can only outmatch the competitor if he or she knows what he/she offers.

Acquainting with established standards

Analyzing the competitor is also important because it enables one to know the established standards in a certain industry. Most industries have come up with certain practices that are regarded as the norm. It is critical to identify this established norm because it eliminates the possibility of establishing a logo that is not meaningful or memorable in the respective industry.

Avoiding disappointment

Research also helps one in analyzing competitors for established norms ultimately eliminating any possibility of offering an offensive logo to the audience. It is thus critical to research and analyses other logos in the industry.


The second step in designing beautiful, meaningful and memorable logos is brainstorming. Online logo design tips advice a designer to brainstorm prior to coming up with a tentative design. Brainstorming begins with rough sketches. It is from the rough sketches that one is able to merge different ideas for a sound conclusion. Brainstorming is also important because it conceptualizes the idea one has for the design. When brainstorming, a designer should experiment with different ideas on the computer.


After noting down a few sketches, it is critical to reflect on the sketches. Reflection helps one gain a fresh perspective on the job at hand. During conceptualization, most designers tend to get concerned with the design’s graphic style as well as image of the piece. Similarly some other designers also think broadly about how they can convey a deeper meaning through visually presenting a puzzle in a design.

This achieves the element of sophistication in a logo. Very few logo design tips advise designers on the fact that logos based on concept impact the viewer greatly compared to haphazard or random designs. Such logos are not only unique but also tend to add a fresh dimension to the designing experience by revolutionizing organizational identity. As such, a good logo design tip should inform the designer on achieving an optical illusion with his or her design.

Design decisions

A question that arises when designing a good logo also regards design decisions. One crucial logo design tip is that the process of designing a logo involves four principles.

Logo concept: The first principle involves the concept of the logo. One should have a basic idea of what he wants to present and how he or she intends to present it.

Typography: The second principle is typography. Typography basically implies the best way a logo should present its lettering.

Colours: The third principle involves the colours of a logo.  Most organizations prefer different identities. As such, the colour scheme of logos should reflect the appropriate principle of the organization, for instance luxury with no frills.

Execution: Lastly, a designer should always execute the logo well. This is especially critical owing to the fact that even if a design is good, if execution is bad, it fails the whole scheme.

Observing this process is likely to result in a beautiful, meaningful and memorable logo.

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