Logo Design Tips for a Company Logo Design

In the modern economy where companies are faced with stiff competition, there is a need to identify a firm uniquely in the market. It is an age where the level of uniqueness pays huge dividends.

logo design tips for company logo design

Subsequently, most firms strive towards achieving an identity that distinguishes it from the rest of the crowd. To a significant extent this aspect of being unique is achieved through logo’s. As such, graphic designers especially those specializing in logo design have generated numerous design tips for company logo designs. There are various aspects that graphic designers look at while designing logos for companies.


One significant aspect that graphic designers stress when offering tips for company logo design is the issue of image. Image primarily denotes the impression the company has created about itself in the eyes of its market. Some companies prefer simplicity whereby they tend to present an image that is preferred by the common man in the common market.

On the contrary, companies that target high end markets tend to present a sophisticated and affluent image that is regarded a necessity in this market. Such is the case especially in the fashion and luxury industry where customers want to distinguish themselves uniquely through products or brands. Remember, this brand is the symbol that signifies association with a certain production house. However, company logo designers do not only stress brand.


In its broadest sense, culture primarily denotes a people’s way of life. However, when designing logos for companies, culture denotes a company’s mode of conduct. The company culture is an aspect that is generated over years adhering to certain practices that are deemed ideal in a certain company.

Company logo designs should ideally reflect this culture. If a company has for instance strives to present itself as an environmentally friendly company, the logo typology and color scheme should allude to this aspect. As such, it would be prudent to include simple color schemes that signify this company quality, such as the color green.


Symbols that represent a firm are elements that transcend time. They travel both back and forth. This implies that a creation invented in the past sticks with the company into the future. The implication here is that while designing company logo designs, one should strive to ensure that these designs remain relevant in different time lines. This aspect is not hard to achieve since human tastes remain stable across ages. What men desire to have now will still remain the same in the future.

The only thing that might change perhaps is the interpretation of this need. For instance, in the roman era men preferred backward sports in the form of brutal gladiators. However, this desire has transformed over time with modern men preferring sophisticated and challenging games like golf, soccer, basketball, baseball or football. Significant to note is the fact that the idea of sports as a favorite pass time phenomenon remains glued to humanity.

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