Logo Design Trends – History and Importance of Logo Designs

Logo design trends were established several years ago. Primarily, the history of designing symbols for institutions or companies can be traced to ancient Grecian times. The name logo primarily implies a trademark or symbol whose design is simply for easy recognition. During ancient times logos were primarily single letters that were used to reflect certain institutions.

logo design history and importance od branding

However, logo design later transformed to include two or more letters that were combined to form a meaningful symbol. The cipher as such, combined both of a persons name letters, surname or the initial letters.

Rulers in Early Logo Designs

Most early logos consisted of monograms of ancient time rulers. Ancient rulers and leaders were symbols that were widely revered by the populace. Subsequently, to consolidate their rule the leaders embalmed themselves on coins and represented themselves in sculpture across various city states. This strategy was hired to solidify their rule across the land.

The most renowned logo of ancient times is the sacred letter that was generated through combining the first two letters of the Greek alphabet XR, S,T,O and S denoting the word Christ with  the letter A for alpha and O for Omega which alluded to the end times or the apocalypse on both sides of the coin.  The middle ages continued with this trend by generating several ciphers for commercial as well as ecclesiastical and artistic use.

Commercial use

The development of logos with a commercial utilitarian function gained an impetus in the thirteenth century. During this period, logo designs were transformed from being simple ciphers whereby they evolved as trademarks for merchants and traders.

Such early trademarks include goldsmiths’ marks as well as mason marks, watermarks for noble gentlemen in addition to paper makers’ watermarks. Other examples that were generated during this time include the colophons that were used to identify printers and publishers.

Information age

In the modern information age, technology has hugely transformed the way logos are designed. In this modern age, populations are widely informed when it comes to visual symbols especially those that are used as trademarks for certain institutions, corporate firms and organizations.

Most if not all modern corporations require graphic designers to generate logos or trademarks that give their companies a professional outlook. This is because this trademarks or logos represent the face of the business and as such reflect on the image, vision and mission directly to the public as well as the company’s employees.

Branding Recognition & Legibility

Owing to the fact that logos remain symbols that signal corporate identities the mark of a famed logo is entrenched in good brand recognition as well as legibility. This aspect is attributed to product and service diversity. Such products, offered in the modern age face stiff competition because customers need new and unique logos.

Owing to the fact that company trademarks represent its visual image, it is vital for graphic designers to offer first-rate logo designs. Irrespective of the medium the business interacts with its customers which range from brick and mortar stores to online virtual businesses, it is imperative that a business designs a professional logo that rightly reflects its professional outlook.

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