22+ Ebook Readers for Android – New, Top, Free, Cheap & Best

Ebook Readers have been around for a while now. Android, Symbian, IPhone and such OS based smart phones has opened a huge market for digital ebook reader apps. Many of us like to use the best ebook reader though due to lack of ebook reader reviews, we can’t benefit from the best pdf readers around.

To facilitate you with the best ereader for android, we’ve reviewed almost all the free ebook readers available and have found the following apps most interesting. If you compare these readers, am sure you will find the one you really like, maybe because of its features, design or just because these are voted top android readers which are really very cool.
All of these are especially for Google Android tablets. You can download these

Best Android Readers

such as nook ebook reader or view more details about it from the links below.

1- NOOK for Android

Android Ebook

2- The Kobo Android App

Best Ebook Readers For Android

3- Amazon Kindle

Android Ebook

4- Wattpad

Android Ebook Readers

5- Astri dual-mode Android e-ink e-reader

Ebook Reader

6- Aldiko eBook Reader for Android

Best Ebook Readers For Android

7- Moon+ Reader

Android Readers

8- RepliGo Reader

Android PDF Reader

9- FBReaderJ — an e-book reader for Google Android platform

android ebook readers

10- Laputa Reader

android ebook readers

11- Palm Book Reader

ebook reader android

13- Reveal Reader For Android

Digital Book Reader

14- cBook

ebook reader android

15- Bookfm Reader For Android

google android ebook reader

16- Borders eBooks For Android

best android ebook reader

17- WordPlayer for Android

Best Ebook Readers For Android

18- Cool Reader

best android ebook reader

19- King eader

Best Ebook Readers For Android

20- Android Txt EBook ReadeR

android book readers

21- eBook Optimizer

Best Ebook Readers For Android

22- GeckoReader Lite

android book reader

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