ShoeMoney Brand Review – Jeremy Schoemaker

The Success and History of ShoeMoney:

Jeremy Schoemaker with Adsense CheckFrom what was just a blog started by Jeremy Schoemaker in the wake of 2003 turned out to be an unprecedented online success story leading to the famous photo of Jeremy earning $130,000 from Google Adsense. Born on the 31st of May, 1974, Jeremy had a tough life as a child dealing with obesity.

However, his (never say never) attitude urged him to work harder, leading to the formation of the ShoeMoney media group that we see today. The group consists of various services that Jeremy established over time, including his blog “” as well as his ringtone community company, “Next Pimp”.  It also includes consultancy services and help tool sites for aspiring entrepreneurs like Jeremy. Today, the SMG is a multi-million company. alone earned a million dollars in income in the fiscal year 2009-2010.

The Journey of the ShoeMoney Logo:

The ShoeMoney logo has gained popularity so rapidly that it is a common sight to see SMG merchandise on the streets or even in your houses. Though it was not always like this, the logo has made its way through thick and thin and has gradually appeared on the online marketing scenario and represents a big player in online marketing skills and tools.

the shoemoney showFrom guides, internet and local affiliate marketing to ShoeMoney training courses, the logo is branded the different corners of America and beyond.

shoemoney video pictureMerchandise such as tank tops and t-shirts also sport the SMG logo and are available for purchase online. The photo of the check received by Jeremy for a whopping $130,000 was and is one of the most linked pages on his blog and many claims that this incident jump started his rise to fame.

Others are more skeptical, saying that the photo was edited or “photo shopped”, however Jeremy has provided many pieces of evidence to prove his critics wrong. Whatever the case, this incident was pivotal in bringing SMG to light in the online world and its success has been apparent ever since.

The Distinctiveness of the ShoeMoney Logo:

ShoeMoney LogoThe ShoeMoney logo is characterized by a big blue vibrant ‘S’ which resembles the logo for the popular movie and comic book character, Superman. The rest of the words are typed in plain white text. This logo brings out a cool and classy look and gives the impression of a creative yet professional business as shown by the artistic ‘S’ and the simplicity of the rest of the text.

By using the ‘S’ similar to that of Superman’s logo, SMG has put a recognized symbol under a completely different light, conjuring a contemporary design from a long standing emblem. The best thing about this is the fact, that people recognize the logo from the movies but at the same time, they can appreciate the difference and uniqueness of the ShoeMoney group.

The logo is also very visually attractive making it a good cover for revenue boosting avenues such as books and other merchandise. Clothing probably benefits the most from the intellectual and classy design as people would like to wear something with a logo that is neither too wild nor too dull.

ShoeMoney Blog Shiny Logo

Logo Design of ShoeMoney

The most interesting news, now this might come as a surprise to many of the ShoeMoney logo design fans.

Jeremy actually drew this logo himself in his dad’s garage when he was around the age of 13.

ShoeMoney Support Staff

Future of the ShoeMoney logo:

The SMG has already made a stronghold for itself in the online world and is continuously expanding its horizons with projects such as the “Elite Retreat” which helps entrepreneurs to meet with experts and allows them to jumpstart their individual businesses. Similarly, in 2008 Jeremy launched, a website offering a free 12-week internet marketing course, which of course boosted publicity for the SMG. With a talented spearhead in Jeremy Schoemaker, we can be sure of seeing more of ShoeMoney in the near future and an increased recognition for its logo.

Checkout official ShoeMoney website for more interesting stuff.

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