Fiat Logo Review

With the introduction of the new Bravo, in 2007, there was also the renewal of the Fiat logo, the 16th in 108 years of the brand and the 4th in the last 40 years. This new logo was created by Robilant Associates, a prestigious name in the field of Brand Advisory, which showed red as the background color and added the word deliberately retro in a round metallic. Let’s briefly retrace the history of Fiat from 1899 to the present along with the logo reviews.


This is the logo of the first Fiat car; the 3 1/2 HP was born on 11 July 1899. It was plate of metal from the edges curled in the manner of parchment, with the trade name for extended and the space for the model number of the car.


1901 makes its appearance in a plate on a blue background in Art Nouveau style and the name is replaced with the acronym FIAT. The sun and floral elements background could represent the flourishing development. The font used for the text remains virtually unchanged to this day.


With 60 HP, big powerful car, there was also introduction to a new oval logo. Art Nouveau style on blue background is decorative elements in favor of a more imaginative.

Fiat 1904


Only four years passed as a new logo was introduced in 1921, and logo is still changing. With the 509, the first vehicle of the Turin, logo changes colors

Fiat 1929


It goes back to red as the background color, alternating that it will be the reason leading to these changes a little ‘square and round like the lines of the coming years.

Fiat 1931


With the Balilla, the logo design assumes a slightly trapezoidal. The edge is shrunk and the writing tends to enlarge in the upper part.

Fiat 1932


For nearly thirty years the logo remains virtually unchanged, but the sedans 1100/103H appeared as the new brand. The writing FIAT seems more subtle, and it is again framed and shield becomes less tense and more rounded.

Fiat 1959


In 1965 again the round logo appears with white lettering on a red background, a return of the logo used in 1931. However it was only used for the sporty versions as the new FIAT 850 Coupe and Spider, the Fiat Dino and 124 Sport Spider were introduced. The logo of the house remained the rectangular one.

Fiat 1965


In 1982 the Fiat Panda appears for the first time, it was the stylized logo with the 5 slashes. The new logo does not replace the previous, the two brands co-exist and in fact are always represented both on the car body shop.

Fiat 1982


In 1999, the logo again becomes blue.  The name returns to its original character and also returns the laurel wreath.

Fiat 2000


In this year, the new Bravo returns to the red background. In practice it is a new logo round of the 1931 with the internal shape reminiscent of the logo in 1932.

Fiat 2006

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