Cartoon Network Logo Review

Cartoon Network

We all have spent our childhood in watching cartoon; most of them were on cartoon network, our favorite cartoon channel! What we remember most about this channel? I believe it’s the logo. Its logo has been very catchy and appealing to children in spite of consisting boring colors.

Cartoon Network, the chain of laughter, humor and action, unveils its new look. Cartoon Network is a television channel cartoons born in the United States in 1992 and was intended to rebroadcast American cartoon classics 40-50 years, specifically the time Warner Bros. Today, the chain has evolved into unique programming and thus becoming a kind of great animation catalog listing the stars of Warner Bros. enriched by Cartoon Network Studios productions.

Logo reviews explains that chain leaves behind a logo to return to the 3D effects to 2D, which is nothing but the essence of the spirit cartoon. The famous black and white grid origin is also reappeared, and now with two principles contained in the chain that Cartoon Network is about, only the initials are appearing having checkered logo. This new visual identity reaffirms its leadership position and comes to meet new prospects like comedy, live sets, and 3D movies.

Cartoon Network (CN) has become one of the most attractive and authentic channels on the TV. From humble beginnings, CN airs in 166 countries. However, its identity has been a little shaky in the last two years, from the checkerboard logo well known by the acronym in perspective. It seemed to have caused less impact as it only lasted the beginning of the year. Cartoon Network may have wanted a new identity, so they designed logo by animation powerhouse Brand New School in collaboration with talented internal team at CN. With this effort, a new range of applications with the new identity began to visualize.

Cartoon Network Logo

Cartoon Network decided to adopt the visual heritage of black and white checkerboard which gives a new meaning to it. The artists and producers were able to bring this idea to life in a new and fascinating dimensions, color and movement. All new logo design elements began to appear in the new logo with its activation.

Actually a good nostalgic strange logo made the brand famous, the board with all the words is not a simple acronym, since then CN changes has been very light. It would be so nice that CN would be eliminated and its beginnings are back as it had more success. There are no magic revelations in the new logo, it’s the old “C” and “N” placed differently.

When I saw the logo first perspective presented my thoughts that it was may be too boring for a channel that caters children. Children love colorful things to see and to have. There must have been many logo ideas, we may wonder why cartoon network decided to go with these two. Cartoon Network changed this perception very smartly by positioning themselves differently. Black and white is so not a color for children, we use think like this, but the Cartoon network logo designers had wider thoughts. The whole cartoon network in the blocks was very distracting so it is ultimately very nice to see the ‘CN’ back to see the power of the most successful original logo. Although it’s the same old “C” and “N” that was removed from the original, but it is the most memorable one.

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