LG Logo Review

LG Electronics is the brand of washing machine, refrigerator and large appliances. Brand image of LG as part of the integration of its consumer electronics products were used according to the family brand logo color. The logo color is used to unify the individual product brands that have a positive image in the market combined. All marketing activities combine individual product brands and corporate brands ‘LG’, LG Electronics, LG Whisen, LG Dios, and changed the brand logo colors in all advertisements on the front.

Global future, energy, human, and technology is the fundamental element that led to the LG. Worth all uppercase letters L and G in a circle. It places the symbols that mark the human precedence indicating that this symbol marks LG’s commitment to making the highest customer satisfaction represents a long relationship with the customer.


The “L” and “G”arranged in a circle is a symbol of the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology. LG’s philosophy is based on humanity. At the same time, it represents LG’s efforts to get closer to customers around the world to go. LG logo symbol is gray and shape is of a person’s face in unique red marks LG, these two elements are configured. LG’s commitment to providing the best products at the same time, the main color is red, representing LG’s strong expression. This symbol consist of mark of color, therefore, it can not be changed.

LG Logo indicates that the most basic is a visual representation, the basic features of the LG product is quality and sophistication, modern and simple, yet are distinguished. Logo of LG has been properly consistently used. A solid reputation for exceptional quality of the LG logo, symbol and visual undermine the uniqueness of LG Electronics and its products in any form, that acts to change the logo.

Logo reviews explains that there are two versions of the LG logo, a corporate logo and 3D logo. Updated 3D logo is untested repainting existing logo, professing the same time to strengthen the visual effect of the symbol corresponds to the positioning of the new LG’s characteristics to deliver better. LG logo came into life with visualizing the concepts of the world, future, youth, human, technical. Use of five emotions basically stylized, L and G in a round circle shaped, above all, it is a symbol of human management at the center of our LG. it is used anywhere in the world to have intimate relationships with customers. LG’s commitment to customer satisfaction shows LG phosphorus determination.

They are all about goal orientation, concentration, and smile means asymmetric change adaptability and creativity symbol. On the other hand, this brand through integrated operations, increases the efficiency of marketing. LG Electronics has the policy that led to a virtuous cycle of positive synergies between individual product brand image and corporate brand image.

Managing director of LG Electronics Marketing Division being in charge of brand communication had chosen individual product brand logo colors as part of Unified Communications as it is a leading company in the field of Household. The logo unified by the introduction of a color that can be expressed in a particularly unique technology and luxurious brand image is expected to be able to form a family across the world.

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