Blackberry logo review

Blackberry logo review

The Blackberry brand, which has become synonymous with business-oriented mobile devices, is owned by RIM (Research in Motion Ltd.). Blackberry has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality, reliable products. The company’s first wireless two-way messaging device was launched in 1999, and the Blackberry logo has remained consistent since then, featuring a blackberry fruit-shaped image. It has been long assumed that RIM has used this logo to symbolize the connection between the company’s name and the fruit, but this is not the case.

Many reviews of the logo designer indicate that the logo of Blackberry is designed to depict two letters, B and R. B refers to Blackberry, whereas R refers to Research in Motion (RIM). This interpretation was plausible given the association of Blackberry with Research in Motion (RIM), which conveyed a positive image of Blackberry products. RIM is regarded as a reputable and reliable brand. However, this was not the case. Upon examination of the RIM vs. Kik lawsuit, it became evident that the logo was not designed to depict the B and R letters. The registered patent for the Blackberry logo, owned by RIM, was titled “BBBB Design.”

This title prompted further reflection on the logo. Upon brief analysis, it became evident that the previously assumed depiction of letters B & R was, in fact, a combination of four B letters. This also revealed that RIM did not present its association with Blackberry at the forefront, which contributed to Blackberry’s independent performance. This strategy evidently aimed to enhance the significance of the letter “B.”

With regard to the concept of the BBBB logo, it can be observed that, following a long and successful period of growth for Blackberry, the company’s smartphones are now also referred to as BB phones. This is the underlying motive behind the design of the BBBB logo. The logo was created by simply overlapping one BB on another, with the intention of reinforcing the significance of BB. In order to make the message subliminal, the inner areas of the four overlapped Bs were made visible only, with the aim of targeting the subconscious part of the viewer. The Blackberry logo, however, has become one of the most influential in the industry, evolving over time. Its significance lies in the association between Blackberry and RIM, which has come to symbolize reliability and high quality. Blackberry has consistently delivered on the promise of its logo, establishing itself as a leading brand in the field.

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