Cadillac Logo

Cadillac Logo

Cadillac is the brand of luxury car owned by General Motors. In 1902, it was created by automotive inventor Henry Martyn Leland, which was in 1909 acquired by General Motors. It is one of the oldest brand named after Leland’s ancestor, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac. As of 2012, Cadillac is sold worldwide in more than 37 countries. Only in U.S., the sales accounts for 149,782.

Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac’s family coat of arms is depicted in the logo of Cadillac. The symbol’s top section displays a crown which shows France’s six ancient counts. A pearl is placed above every tip which depicts descendancy from the royal counts of Toulouse graphically. Out of many logo examples, it is embedded in logo because it is the cultural center of medieval Europe. Over the years, the Cadillac logo has undergone various changes. Nevertheless, it still contains all the elements required in being the most memorable and famous logo car brands ever created. In 1999, The current version, “Wreath & Crest”, was unveiled.


Silver, blue grey, red, black, yellow are among the colors used in the designing of Cadillac logo. All the colors all together represent creativity, grandeur, reliability, passion, excellence, and business responsibility of the company. The tones of the colors are such that they do not present an unattractive symbol. The alignment of colors is set in a way that it does not overlap each other. Talking about the logo font, The Cadillac logo features a custom, calligraphic typeface. The typeface itself has its own recognition because of its stylish showcase.

Cadillac is the name of the founder of the city of Detroit, Michigan, Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac. This is indeed the city where the manufacturer is based. However, Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac has not founded the Cadillac brand since in 1730 he died and Cadillac was founded in 1902, 172 years later!

Logo company reviews that the Cadillac logo is also modernized version of the coat of arms of French Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac. It was not really official but was available on certain pages of the manufacturer. The Cadillac logo was modernized in freshwater. An update of the logo may be symbolic, because the integration of the brand was named after the founder of Detroit Mr. Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac.

Just like Audi celebrating its centenary, Cadillac adds a little more reliefs and shadows in their emblem. The latter is more massive, shinier, more metallic, reflecting the chrome to reflect 50 years of making his reputation. However, there is a small catch, Crowns and shields are not properly aligned. It is somewhat limited from a focusing on the big picture.

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