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If today in 2011 the lion is standing at its inception, in 1847 it stood on four legs.

It all began in 1847, when Jules and Emile Peugeot decided to entrust the famous goldsmith engraver Justin Blazer in Montbeliard for the creation of a logo. They wanted to represent the tools they produce. The two brothers asked Blazers to design a logo that should represent the quality of tools and blades they are producing. Among the logo ideas proposals, the lion was chosen. It originally symbolizes the three qualities of Peugeot blades which are cutting speed, teeth hardness and flexibility of the blade. They wanted to see blades becoming the flagship of the brand. The demands of the time linked between the quality of blades and that of the lion.


The similarities found in their idea of choosing lion were:

  • Resistance of teeth, like those of a lion.
  • Flexibility of the blade, like the spine of a lion.
  • The speed of the cut, like a lion leaping.


The lion has been the creation of the company’s emblem Peugeot since 1958. It was first going before the 1950s become and remain rampant today. Over time, it is powerfully stylized. This lion may be due to the Lion of Belfort, emblem of the Franche-Comté. Note as origins, the brand was registered in a shield, another reminder of heraldry


Peugeot New Logo

To start the year 2010, Peugeot introduced its new logo and new slogan ‘Motion and Emotion’.
The Lion of the famous car brand Offir was just a facelift. With new attitude, a metal texture and a blue square explains that the cat has been rejuvenated with a little set chrome. This detail gives it a more dynamic look, but mostly it is very close of another brand logo PSA: Citroen.


Typography on the name is rounder, more closely resembling that of a technology company. These changes are consistent with the new objectives of the company that are required in the present context. Cars are now more mobile, more economical, greener and adapted to new markets, such as emerging markets.

Peugeot Logo Design

Finally, Peugeot took the opportunity to launch its new tagline “Motion and Emotion” which replaces the old slogan “For the car is always a pleasure.” The latter makes the car more than a tool to move and transport is a real issue tomorrow. All these changes were accompanied by a promotional video very modern and in line with the announced changes.


In 2010, Peugeot offers a snip at its Lion mascot, chosen to express strength, power and flexibility at a time when the handsaw was its flagship. This logo for me is very successful. To start a new project and brand identity, brand logo changes. This aspect of the bi-material and being modern, a new international signature was introduced: Peugeot, Motion & Emotion.


Peugeot today unveiled its new brand project and its ambitions for the future. The program includes a new product strategy, new mobility offers but a new visual identity! Look at the Lion symbol of the brand, it has a new posture and a new aspect, along with a new international signature.


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