Slipknot Logo Review

While many bands have a single symbol to represent themselves; the band Slipknot has two. Sometimes they are shown separate and sometimes one is placed inside the other. Here, we are going to discuss both Slipknot Logos and some of the meaning behind them.

Slipknot Logo: Nonagram

The Nonagram Slipknot Logo is a symbol that the band Slipknot actually came up with and drew themselves. It is not meant to resemble any other symbol out there. The band has stated that this Slipknot Logo is a symbol for them all being strongly bound to one another. There are nine points and each point represents a band member.Slipknot Logo, nonagram, logo, first

This nine-point symbol can be found on their Volume 3 Jumpsuits; located on the right sleeve. Although many have thought it is meant to be a satanic symbol, it is not. This Slipknot Logo does not represent anything negative or evil; only the battle that Slipknot has with the fake world.

Chris Fehn actually got this Logo tattooed on his body. The symbol contains three equilateral triangles; each which are rotated 0, 40 and 80 degrees. You may also recognize this Slipknot Logo from their All Hope Is Gone album.

Slipknot Logo: “S” Logo

The second Slipknot Logo is a creative; gothic style ‘S’ that has points on the top and bottom. This logo came to be back in 1995 when their band hit the big time. This Logo is very unique because it comes in so many various ways. You may see it in black, red or even white. The most frequently used one is the all black one.

The ‘S’ typically has the band’s name in front of it and contains an all-black background; all of which is inside a black triangle. The metallic effect makes the design really pop out at you and represents their band and sound as a whole, beautifully.Slipknot Logo, logo, slipknot, s

The white symbol is meant to recognize the band’s composition purity. Their songs have always been very well thought out and that has a lot to do with why they are so popular. This band is truly unique in what they do.

While this Slipknot Logo is not meant to be evil; the text has been inspired by the devil and fits wonderfully with their music and overall message. Their music is known to be quite dark.

Widely Recognizable: Slipknot Logos

Slipknot has been around for quite some time and during that time they have continually proved that they are not going anywhere soon. The band is always coming up with new, interesting and unique ideas and because of this they are going to be around for a very long time to come.

Both of their Logos represent them in a way that not many bands can do. Their Logos are so recognizable that their fans have come to notice them sometimes more than the band’s name on merchandise. This has increased the band’s popularity as well as their marketability; giving fans many more ways to connect with and feel one with the group.

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