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Samsung Logo Design

Samsung, the name says it all! In this digital era of global business, Samsung is considered as a giant and it has a brand image of sustainability and innovation which is rightly depicted in its logo. This simple logo of Samsung has a lot to perceive from like the simplicity, the dynamic nature of the Company, the flexibility and the other ingredients to lead the market. Before reviewing the logo of Samsung group and its transformation over the period, we must take a quick brief of the company. Samsung, since its birth in digital market has made its mark in innovating electronic items. This strong standing company has long history of innovation and pioneering the change in different sectors. Samsung is a brand that has developed or the years and it has a journey of diversification and excels till to be recognized as a leading brand in electronic and digital world.

Since its birth in 1938, Samsung group has diversified from several businesses for almost three decades like food processing, insurance and textiles. Since Samsung was owned by a South Korean group, its first logo with Three Stars moving forwarddepicted the group of companies and the language used was the local one. This showed their willingness to limit their businesses in their region only with the massage that they are keen to move ahead and open for challenges. With the progress of the company and its expansion in electronic industry, they saw an opportunity in different other regions to penetrate in, but again to be accepted and get familiar as a brand they needed to redesign their logo and they used.

Samsung Logo

Samsung name in English, which is an internationally accepted language, as a logo with three stars remained there but in a dim color, giving more emphasis on Samsung then those previously carried stars. Out of many logo ideas, this logo seemed premature and depicted a massage that soon they will incur change. This logo had anomalies and perception rendered was not what Samsung wanted. Three stars standing separately denoted that this group of companies has segregation within and parallel businesses are present leaving its strength on question. Soon after this realization Samsung changed their logo with the stars overlapping each other, showing a bond and interlink between them, with a red color depicting its aggressive approach to lead the market and run the business round the globe.

One more change observed in the logo of Samsung was in font style, it was made bolder then previous one and more precise and as we know that the logo image is termed as a brand character. This step surely depicted that now Samsung wanted to be taken as more mature and serious in their business and that was well directed. Where early 90’s brought the phenomenon of globalization, like other brands Samsung also made itself open for it and decided to design their brand character according to that and changed the logo.

According to the logo designer reviews, the current logo is depiction of long standing vision and the Character of Samsung brand. The current logo has Ellipse shape depicting the globe and Samsung written in bold inside the ellipse portraying that Samsung covering the global digital market with stability and maturity. One more thing Samsung has showed in its logo that the ellipse is open from the ends where S and G meet the wall of ellipse portrays the open mindedness of the company towards change and innovation and their desire to communicate with the market. Logo examples of blue color of ellipse are a symbol of stability and reliability. In the end we can say without any doubt that Samsung provides what it says.


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