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The logo to be reviewed belongs to Accenture, and it is a global technology service and management consulting firm. The number of employees working in Accenture all around the world is 245000. It was established with the name ‘Andersen Consulting’ in 1988, the current name existed in 2004. Accenture is a world famous Irish company engaged in offering technology and management outsourcing and consultation. It is considered the biggest consultation firm of the firm, and is headquartered in Dublin. The operations of Accenture is spread over 120 countries around the world.

This famous logo was designed by Landor Associates in 2000. The price paid for Accenture logo was $100,000,000 which paid off eventually with its success. Accenture logo is very engaging and attractive due to its font and its hidden metaphor. . A great feeling comes within when you read a logo and you figure out the hidden metaphor. It attaches a positive association with a spark of ‘smile in the mind’. Noticeable fact is that logos which are not depicting what companies do, evoke the feel of the product.

Design Elements of Accenture Logo

Shape of the Accenture Logo:

After an extensive three-months research the company name “Accenture” was chosen. More than 50 names were suggested by the management and employees of different companies. Kim Petersen of Andersen Consulting suggested this word as it emphasize on the future, and putting an accent.

In November 2000, the current Accenture logo was unveiled, featured company name in lower case letters. A “greater than” sign is placed above the “t” letter pointing towards the future. This symbol adds a symbolic expression to the logo. The letter “a” in the Accenture logo makes it accessible and approachable.

Color of the Accenture Logo:

The black color in the Accenture logo represents the dynamic attitude and excellence of the company.

Font of the Accenture Logo:

What made it different from other typographic logo is the font. The font for the Accenture logotype is very similar to Rotis Sans Serif Extra Bold 75 designed by Otl Aicher in 1988. Rotis Sans Serif typeface is intelligently used by the company, example of which is not found in other logo examples. Rotis Sans Serif typeface used in this logo is not available for free, and it is purchased specially by the companies to be used in their logo ideas. This font is commercially used by the logo design companies, but only few can come up with a good idea using it. Besides the font of the logo, company’s name in lower case differentiates it from other logos.

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