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As its name suggests, CarAdvice is a one stop shop for all those individuals who are having trouble selecting the right car for their needs. Established in 2006 by Alborz Fallah, this blog, based in Australia now serves global needs and has comprehensive reviews of the latest cars from around the globe. Not only does it have the latest news and views about different cars, it contains news related to cars such as that of pollution rights and also offers handy tips and tricks that one must know in order to maintain his/her car.

Apart from that, there’s a bustling gallery termed as the ‘showroom’ where the user can see cars from different brands which allows them to compare the cars of their choice in order to get a better idea of what to buy.

CarAdvice also assists people in buying cars through their ‘best price’ option where potential customers can search for their ideal car and get cut price options courtesy of CarAdvice which forwards the customer’s wants to car dealers who then place bids and the customer can eventually select the best bid.

Furthermore, the ‘classified’ option of the blog is very useful for customers who want to search for cars in their vicinity or beyond. Customers can choose according to ‘body style’ or ‘manufacturer’ for their convenience.

The CarAdvice Logo

One thing that the blog’s logo certainly brings to the table is a sense of professionalism. The logo looks very business-like and well suited a blog that relates to cars. The logo consists of the word ‘Car’ written in bright orange on top of the word ‘Advice’ written in white behind and orange background. An orange car icon is encased in a speech bubble which emanates from the word advice.

At first glance, the logo looks very official and vibrant. Also, as mentioned before, there is a sense of professionalism that seems to come out from this logo. On their website, this logo is put in front of a patterned black background which really makes it a standout symbol and one that signifies trust and commitment.

The speech bubble is also a very nice touch to the logo, as it complements the word ‘advice’ really well. Not only is this clever, but it is also a good way of differentiating the CarAdvice logo from other similar brands. The orange and white colour combination is also very pleasing and easy on the eyes. Personally, I feel that this colour combination is the best thing about the logo, not only because of its aesthetic beauty but also because it is a similar colour to those that you find in classifieds and many search engines, thus it is a subtle reminder of the fact that you can expect to find material on all your car related problems on this blog.

Experiencing rapid growth and success – CarAdvice:

What started out as a small blog now consists of more than 20 people constantly working to bring their viewers the latest from the automobile industry. Their popularity is constantly rising and the increasing number of viewer comments and reviews on the website is a testament to the increase in the fan following of the blog.  

As a result the CarAdvice logo has become a recognized symbol. Though it retains the majority of its viewership in Australia, it has also caught the attention of viewers from other countries and the blog’s unique emblem is a common sight on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. It can also be seen on many car books and newspapers ads, especially those in car classifieds in Australia.

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