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What Dream Works Animation SKG is all about

A powerhouse in the animation industry, Dream Works Animation SKG is the embodiment of America’s famous entertainment industry. Founded in 1994 by a trio that comprises of famous director and producer Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen in Glendale, California, the company rose to success quickly. In 2000, the company made “Dream Works Animation”, a business division focusing solely on producing animated films. To date, Dream Works Animation SKG has gifted the world with many classical and world renowned films which include the Shrek series, Kung Fu Panda and Puss in Boots.

The Dream Works Animation SKG Logo

For a company that creates animated films set in fantasy worlds and based on fictional lore, the logo of the company matches Dream Works Animation SKG’s vision and work. This logo features a boy sitting on a crescent moon while fishing with a fishing rod. This creates the sort of magical charm and vivid imagery that the company hopes to provide via its films. The logo was created by Robert Hunt, who made a computer generated logo as well as a hand painted one. Steven Spielberg decided that he liked the computer generated logo better, hence the logo that we see today. The child in the logo was created using a model, William Hunt who was Robert Hunt’s son.

Variations in the Logo

While the core components of the logo have stayed constant over the years, there have been many variants differing from movie to movie as the years have gone by. The Dream Works Animation SKG’s logo is so flexible that the studio can change it to adapt to a certain movie’s theme. For example, in Madagascar 2, penguins are seen fighting off the boy sitting on the moon, the fighting characteristic integral to the penguins’ role in the movie.

Similarly, 3D effects, colours and highlights vary from time to time as the company continues to grow and prosper. This is emphasized by the difference in the logo colour scheme from 2009 to present date.

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What the Dream Works Logo Represents:

Dream Works Animation SKG is one of those few companies that has built a sturdy reputation for itself over the years which is manifest by the popularity of its logo around the globe. The adaptability of its logo represents the ability of the company to adhere to changing conditions. So while the company is moving towards more modern techniques and methods, it still retains that element of the past and the allure of medieval times and folklore. More importantly, the childish aspect of the logo and the fact that it is animated creates a wide appeal in adults and children alike. Personally, for me the fishing rod in the clouds is a symbol for the unlimited possibilities that one can achieve, a trait which Dream Works Animation SKG has shown over the years.

The name “Dream Works” which is an important part of the logo, is written in a font which exhibits solidarity and stability. The name has achieved fame over the years with a number of achievements. Almost all of their movies have received rave reviews from critics and many of these movies have resulted in revenue from merchandise and especially video games, many of which feature on a variety of consoles. The fall of 2004 also saw the company go public and trade on the NASDAQ.

As times continue to change Dream Works Animation SKG keeps producing stellar results in terms of both profitability and quality of their films and their logo is one of the key’s of their success as it makes them a revered, trusted and popular brand.

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