Marlboro Logo Review


The World’s Leading Cigarette Brand – Marlboro:

Smokers and non-smokers alike are well aware of Marlboro, which is one of the most famous cigarette brands of modern times. Phillip Morris, a London based cigarette producer created a subsidiary, for the U.S in 1902. The Marlboro brand was created by them in 1924. Initially, the cigarettes were targeted at women with the use of the slogan, ‘Mild as May’. The name of the brand was inspired by the Great Marlborough Street in London.

The brand stopped production temporarily during and after the World War 2 but re-appeared on the scene in 1955. This time however, its cigarettes were targeted at men and bore filters after scientific studies linked lung cancer to smoking.  Ever since then, the company has enjoyed rising revenues and increased sales volume which has led to it becoming the world’s foremost leader in cigarette sales.

Marlboro has also had a history of sponsoring motor racing cars. During its long time on the market, the firm has associated itself with many different racing cars, including the famous McLaren from 1974 to 1996. It also signed a big money deal worth around 1 billion dollars with Ferrari in 2005 which was to last till 2011.

The Marlboro Logo:

The Marlboro logo is very simplistic but epitomizes the masculinity and the ruggedness that the brand stands for (and had adopted in its second spell). It features the company name in a simple black font with a red shape on top of it that resembles the opened top of a cigarette packet.

The red and black is a classic color combination that appeals to all males and it provides a simple yet effective logo when combined with the white background. The red also represents and induces a sense of vigor and passion while the white offers subtlety in the logo design. The Marlboro logo also holds a design that looks good in all sizes ranging from large posters to small cigarette boxes.

The cowboy, like the one shown in the picture above, has been one of the company’s icons over the years as it epitomizes the masculinity and the boldness that the cigarettes are supposed to portray to the consumers.

Marlboro’s success in the cigarette industry:

A good logo always helps build trust and a long lasting relationship between the consumer and the firm. Like many other good logos, the Marlboro logo is also universally recognizable and has a loyal brand following which it has earned due to its quality products as well as its solitary logo which it has kept constant since the 1950s.

The fact that the logo has remained constant for so long is a testament to the sturdy work ethic and constant success of the company.

It is no wonder therefore that Marlboro is the best selling cigarette around the world. The ‘Marlboro Man’ (shown below) as their mascot is known has become an icon that reminds everyone of his connection with cigarettes which shows exactly how rapidly the company has gained popularity around the globe.

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