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Red Bull among the other famous energy drinks is the world famous. Initially it was sold by “Red Bull GmbH” an Australian Company. The sale figure of Red Bull is more than 4.5 billion each year.  This brand was created in 1987 by an Austrain enterprenuer Dietrich Mateschitz in partnership with Chaleo Yoovidhya. The inspiration of creation of this drink was taken by “Krating Daeng”, a Thai energy drink. “Red Bull gives you wings” is the official slogan of the drink.

Talking about the logo, it’s known for its unique incorporation of a famous animal within the logo. A bull is a powerful animal and Red bull has used the rumor really well of color red makes them aggressive. So with the red color and drink makes you aggressive and powerful.

At times, it depends on the target market and the business. Some are literal with their logo and it works for them such as ‘We Buy Any’ logo shows what it does. Limiting references in logo is unfair to the creative field. All you have to do is use creative trick and you have a logo that would not try to cram in numerous references. Logotypes and word marks are simple and great, but a subtle hint of the business will make it better. If Hint is kept hidden cleverly in the typography, even better.


A logo is something through people can associate with your brand, an identifying mark. It’s an element of saying ‘Remember me’ rather than ‘I sell car’ or ‘I sell book’. This worldwide Energy drink has a logo that is derived straight from the name of the English product name “red bull.” The idea for the name and logo came from inspiration that the owner Dietrich Mateschitz received during a Thailand holiday, when he tried a sweet beverage called “Krating Daeng” or “red bull.”

Design Elements of Red Bull Logo

Shape and Color of the Red Bull Logo:

Two red bulls charging each other on front, with the colors “gold and red” of Red bull logo represents power, sheer speed, aggressiveness, and risk taking. The bulls portray strength while the silver and blue part in the logo background is the sign of intellect. Emotion in the logo is characterized by the yellowish gold and red part of the logo.

Font of the Red Bull Logo:

The font used in the Red Bull logo is Futura typeface with a slight modification.


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