Unilever Logo – Standing Out!


Most people know little about Unilever. They do know their brands, but usually do not impose anything related to Unilever.  Unilever has always been active in taking positive initiative in society and that truly shows in their logo. With their new logo, Unilever seems supported by mission, like they are more to the fore and clear about where they stand. Unilever is a company with great brands that people help it to look good, feel good and get more out of life. At the same time, Unilever as a company wants to take over responsibility of society and the environment. They want to add vitality to the life. It sounds very ambitious, but it is traditionally the core of what Unilever is all about. Here is the explanation of some of their icons of which their logo is comprised.


Sun: our most important natural resource. It is beginning of all life, the ultimate symbol of vitality.

DNA: the double helix, the genetic blueprint of all life and a symbol of the life science. It is the key to a healthy life. The sun is the main building block of life, DNA is the smallest.


Hand: symbol of need, sensitivity, and care for both skin and touch.

Flower: generally represents fragrance but in combination with the hand it refers to moisturizing conditioners and creams.


Hair: symbol of looking good and beauty is in combination with the flower for cleanliness and fragrance.


Frozen: symbolizes freshness, the snowflake stands for freezing.



Clothing: stands for a looking good and fresh laundry.

Heart: symbol of care, health and love

Palm Tree: a cherished resource. Supplies many palm fruits, such as coconuts and dates. Paradise is also symbolized by palm tree.

Sauces or spreads: stands for stirring or mixing, also refers to add flavor.


Spoon: symbol of cooking, nutrition, and tasting.

Bowl: Delicious smelling bowl of food. It may also stand for a, soup, hot drink or ready-to-eat meal.

Fish: represents freshwater, sea and food.

Sparkle: shows full of energy, healthy, and clean.


Bird: a symbol of freedom stands for relaxation after daily work and for more out of life.

Lips: stands for beauty, taste, and looking good.



Tea: a plant or an extract of a plant, such as tea, also a symbol of agriculture and growth.

Particles: refers to bubbles, science, and fizz.


Recycle: commitment to sustainability


Drops: refers to purity and clean water.


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