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The smile shows your enthusiasm to begin a new interaction. A smile also shows your positivity. Companies look for the presence of motivated and smiling. The smile is an energy that can be transferred. The smile shows confidence in your environment and your well-being. Logos make you smile if you see a smile within a logo. A smile featured in a logo works positively. With some companies being successful with this idea, others are opting for same idea. Some experimented to use just a smile and see how it works, while others added a whole smiley in their logo.

Does a smiley portray a company to me non-serious? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t. To create a positive image, companies show such things. Such efforts bring about a sense of association with the company. When you see a person and you smile at him to show positive gesture. That’s what firms are doing as well, showing a positive gesture so you can smile back at them

Does a smile within a logo makes you smile? I think yes! It’s the hidden meaning and hidden smile metaphor which makes you smile when you figure it out. The moment you see there is a smile in a logo, you smile. Logo is a graphical representation of a company. It tells who they are and defines to a certain level. For those who know nothing about company can refer to a logo to create an image. Keeping a positive attitude towards life is the key for everything that we propose. We can say that smile is the best energy we can have, as it comes from within us and encourages our desire for us to do something.


A positive attitude is essential in almost every aspect of life as it is an important aid. What aid could be better them showing a smile. Out of various logo ideas, most of the companies are going for smile depicting logos. Logo designer reviews that logo is part of the visual identity of an institution that combines the graphics and the font. The functionality of a logo is its ability to communicate the message you want, and to achieve this requires the use of colors and forms that contribute to its interpretation.


A logo becomes a structure organized graphic semiotic approach that seeks to convey a meaning.  We see that the mind has significant power over the body, because smile makes our brain to release a number of hormones that help to regulate healthy body and helping some disorders to improve other. For this reason it is important to keep a smile. In that sense we can say that companies with smiley logos are not only enhancing their image but also helping people.


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