Nokia Logo Review


Nokia Corporation has been the global leader in telecommunications business since 1960s. Nokia logo is a reflection of company business function like high tech gadgets, mobile technology, and communication. Logo Designers reviews that when it came to designing a logo for Nokia, they went though number of Logo examples. Every effort was made to come up with a logo idea which would represent company’s mission.

There has been several features of the logo of Nokia that made brand so attractive to people.

Interactive Slogan

More than its logo, the slogan is holding strong position in the telecommunication industry. Slogan in a clever manner expresses the company’s mission that is to connect people with no distance and barrier. The slogan helped logo stand out in spite of having a simple text logo.

 Mission Oriented Picture

The image of two people holding hand is a ‘picture perfect’ support to Nokia logo. It gives an impression that two people are connecting in a positive manner. It not only compliments with the company’s mission but also support the simplicity of logo. Otherwise, Nokia logo would have been criticized for being outdated if such support wasn’t present.

Brand Power

Logo is a just a logo until it is backed with outstanding products. In this scenario, Nokia had an ideal situation as it is undoubtedly a powerful player in the telecommunication industry. Nokia has been engaged in global business with its mobile phones and gadgets, and is considered customer’s favorite. Besides of having a huge cell phone market globally, Nokia is also engaged in offering other corporate functions. These include applications, multimedia devices, network solution, and enterprise solution. This approach has made Nokia logo an icon of common household.

For many of us, we like to see things changes and old things bore us a lot. This behavior is making Nokia logo outdated and manifestation of old world. At the same time its competitors with modern logos, and more broadly the characteristics of the dynamic, the Nokia logo seems like a tombstone. Nokia is a brand name; its corporate image has always been a serious problem. They have been in the marketing of the organization in playground individually. For them, it is not easy to redesign their logo and take risk.

Also, ‘Connecting People’ slogan is hopelessly out of date, because nowadays people associate this to unemployment and voting behavior which leads mobile network to the terminal. A great slogan was required when Nokia’s competitors did the same technologically advanced phones. In the media business, people eventually joined Face book, so the slogan should be buried with outdated logo.

Nokia’s design department has to carefully think about the company’s future scenarios and Nokia’s brand essence of the logo. Brand Management professionals are aware of risks involved in the changes, but none of them usually has the ability to renew the brand.

It is most likely that the Nokia logo is not going to change. Changing it would be far too great a risk in a situation where analysts could interpret the new logo because of Nokia’s business is itself recognized as narrow.

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