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Yahoo is one of the largest companies in the field of search engine. It also offers a wide range of useful services for its users. When Google was busy creating difference through doodle, Yahoo did not leave itself behind. It is amazing how they transformed their logo to one alphabet and position themselves on that. Instead of broadening the elements of logo, Yahoo decided to reduce them and innovate. The Yahoo logo has now been revamped into a purple colored icon with variations that include white logo and Y! Bang logo.

Since the creation of Yahoo search engines, the mission of company has been to connect with communities, people and world’s knowledge. Marketing strategy was the main reason behind the real success and brand identity of Yahoo! Logo played the major part in the corporate world, as it created general perception about the company.


It may possible to see a nice animation of the Yahoo logo. With Yahoo logo, we can see a touch of imagination that creates difference and is worth talking about. It is possible to see a penguin that plays with Christmas balls in logo. In all cases there is no lack of imagination in Yahoo.

There has been various search engines looking for change in the previous years. Google had done it a year ago, as Bing, in December, so that Yahoo! Did not want to wait and has updated the design of its image search.


The updated design brings things that are familiar to the other major search engines, such as grid presentation of images and the ability to expand the view by. Among the new features a new display that is accessed by clicking on one of the images, and allows us to see all as if we were introduced from one image to another. This allows viewer to view full web page where the image is clear, such chance we do not find in Google or Bing.


Yahoo! is currently considering the logo ideas for its new logo and comparing it with the existing design. Yahoo! is constantly developing and testing new concepts, to offer the best to its users and advertisers. At the moment we have no information regarding when this change will be seen.


Logo maker reviews that new logos with different variants are appearing sporadically on the main page of Yahoo. It depends on the type of browser you are using. The version of browser from where you connect is probably a factor that is decisive to show one of the new logos.


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