Mozilla Firefox Logo Review

Mozilla Firefox

Currently Mozilla is considered the second most used browser in the world. No doubt that Mozilla Firefox is one of the brands most currently positioned on the net. Initially it was called Phoenix in 2002 but apparently some problems with trademarks Firebird was renamed in 2003, it is worth noting the interest in fire in all these names. Despite being renamed again, it also had problems with Software which bore the same name. Finally it was decided to be called Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla 2003


The logo design reviews shows a red panda also known as fox or an animal that is considered different from the common fox that is endangered. Other versions say that it is actually a red fox and design inspiration came from a children’s Bible in an image showing Samson with several foxes.

With the logo Firefox has been troubling with the problem of identification of animal. Some say it is a fox but Firefox claims that it is red panda. However, through reviews and response by the company the statement has come across that “Firefox” is another name for the red panda.

This response, though makes it clear what the intention, not completely solved the dilemma because according to the English version of Wikipedia , the term “Firefox” can apply to both the red panda and the red fox,

 Mozilla 2002

The head of the mascot of Firefox shows virtually occipital view, which makes it very difficult to compare. However, they are visible certain details that allow to draw some conclusions. This is a figure full of angles and sharp parts, much like the fox or the red panda. You can see some exaggerated ears and a “beard” lateral traditionally used in cartoons and drawings Animation of Foxes. The red panda, however, presents a more rounded head without many angles. Another striking detail is the color of the upper legs, which is brown in the drawing of Firefox, as it is partially in the case of the fox. The red panda, however, typically have black legs. The tail gives little information as it appears on fire. There is no place for the characteristic banding pattern of the red panda, which would be a strong indication in favor of this hypothesis, although its absence does not conclude that it is false.


The similarity of the Firefox logo idea is clearly higher with the fox with the red panda. We will not be us who we question that the said animal in its intimacy, it feels a red panda, but the anatomy simple observation tells us that feeling inside of the artist agrees with the harsh reality. This does not pose any problem for corporate image browser since, as mentioned above; “Firefox” can also be used to refer to the red fox.


Following a controversy that keeps you awake many Internet surfers and users of the popular browser “Mozilla Firefox” has been investigated by searching the network and comparison of images which animals could be represented in the logo of that form. Although the official version claims that it is a red panda, we conclude that this is a real fox.


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